Transformative Technology through Food: Foam

مؤشر أسهم الحكير للسياحة 30.06.2017

تداولات الاسهم An evening of foams and the body, part of the UCL Art Museum's Transformative Technologies Festival
Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury
6-9pm, 16 June 2017

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Journey to the Interior: Sugar Metamorphics

شرح تجارة الخيارات الثنائية 08.05.2017 An experimental sensory encounter with sugar as a shape-shifting material: a liquid, a glass, a fibre, a foam and a crystal, and its transformative properties upon history, culture, our bodies and our future.

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Phytology Residency 2017 25.04.2017

مدونتي This summer I will be one of the resident artists at Phytology, digging, foraging and articulating the material history of the site, and transforming the residency hut into an experiemental museum.

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Work, Work, Work, Work, Work, Work,

افضل موقع لسعر الأسهم السعودية 17.03.2016 I have new work in AMP’s inaugural exhibition next week - a new gallery in Queen’s Road Peckham - PV Thursday 24 March 6-9pm, the show runs til 9 April. All welcome!

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Organolepts - Science Museum

هذا المحتوى 29.09.2015 I am exhibiting and discussing my Organolepts, terracotta vessels at the Science Museum’s Late event, September 30, 6pm, as part of the recent exhibition Cravings: Can your food control you

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Shelfie - Manifold selects from the V&A collection

أربح المال من خلال الخدع على الإنترنت 20.03.2015

اخبار الاسهم السعودية تداول Manifold selects works from the the V&A Ceramics and Glass collections, on view in the galleries from the 20th March – 13th April.

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Pots and Possibilites opens at the Petrie Museum

مصدر المقال 11.02.2014

ثنائي خيارات مبتدئين دليل nadex I have made a new video piece in response to the ancient ceramics collection at the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, UCL as part of a residency with studio group Manifold. Our responses to the Museum include books, projection mapping, a drawing machine, ancient Egyptian bread baking kits... and pots.

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Performing Skill

هنا 20.11.2013

eztrader الخيارات الثنائية احتيال Performing Skill - a wide-ranging discussion on conservation, deterioration, entropy, skill vs accident, the body and memory, the position of beauty today and more.

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Manifold: Unfold opens at Siobhan Davies Studio

تحقق من مصدر بلدي 05.09.2013

Unfold was the conclusion of Manifold’s three-month journey within the space,  an exhibition of new works inspired by our experiences in the studio. Our work responded to the activities of the people who bring the Studio to life, and the architecture of the building.

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Under the Influence opens at Siobhan Davies Studio

4 July – 11 August 2013
PV Thurs 4 July 6.30pm

Studio Manifold's residency at Siobhan Davies Studios opens with this show, a combination of both new works by Manifold artists and works selected to represent their influences.

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This is How to Live - Willow Road

Manifold have created site-specific artworks and staged a National Trust London Late event at 2 Willow Road; the Modernist home in Hampstead designed by Goldfinger in 1939 for himself and his family. 

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