• Feast Journal: Sugar
    Sugar Tranformation: carbon snakes made as part of a research workshop on sugar's materiality, history and possibilities as an active substance.
  • Sugar beet
  • Sugar cane
  • Suagarloaf moulds from east London
  • Sugarloaf: illustration by Wendy Jones, in Elizabeth David's English Bread and Yeast Cookery
  • 25 kg sugar to play with
  • Maxons sweets factory visit - see my instagram @elliedoney for videos of the genesis of a sherbet lemon
  • warm sugar is eminently snippable
  • Carbon snakes - indoor fireworks.

Feast: Sugar

I am very excited to be working with FEAST Journal on a commissioned project all about Sugar, towards their trilogy of new editions, Sugar, Spice and Salt.

I have developed a series of participatory research workshops which will investigate the active properties of sugar, a substance that is a means of power, energy and force - biochemically, economically and historically. Refining, manipulating and transforming the material, we will explore its sensory qualities alongside the manifold possibilities of its resulting forms and their associative, often complex histories.
The workshops will inform FEAST: Sugar, the journal edition out in June which I will co-edit with Laura Mansfield, bringing together diverse content acknowledging sugar’s complex history whilst exploring the material’s active properties and seemingly endless manifestations.


Sugar Creation, part of Bittersweet late event, Machester Museum 14 Feb 2019
Sugar Transformation, research workshop with journal contributors, leading toward Institute of Making's Public Open Day: Delight & Disgust 23 March 2018
Sugar Imagination tbc
FEAST: Sugar launch event in Nottingham with MuseumAnd National Caribbean Heritage Museum.

Thanks to MMU Special Collections.

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