• Parasitical Mushroom Broth. Photo © Hydar Dewachi
  • Photo © Hydar Dewachi
  • Photo © Hydar Dewachi
  • Photo © Hydar Dewachi

Jerwood Staging Series - Not I - Sept 15

Stories from the ever-ending world: this afternoon of talks and tastings brings together speakers from microbiology to science fiction to consider what forms of communications or communion might exist in the near future, whether among humans or beyond them. Curated by Chris Fite-Wassilak for Jerwood Staging Series.

I am contributing a menu of possible future entities like evolved iron, post-human parasitical fungi, and sentient algae to help us talk speculative science/fiction. Other confirmed participants include: Dr Joseph Cook, Matthew De Abaitua, Dr Brenda Parker, and Dr Mark Spencer.


Jerwood Space, London
15 Sep 2018, 3-5pm

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