• Colossal fish scupture
    Selected by Ellie Doney - Sculpture (fish in basket) probably Mafra & Son, Caldas da Rainha, Portugal, ca. 1870 - 90cm long
  • Selected by Ellie Doney - Sea sculpture, fused porcelain cups, coral growths. Found on the sea bed in Vietnam, cups made in Jingdezhen, China ca.1725
  • Selected by Sun Ae Kim - Jelly Mould, Josiah Wedgwood and Sons, Etruria, 1785-1815
  • Selected by Sam Bakewell - Netsuke, Unknown, Hirado Japan, 19th century
  • Selected by Bethan Lloyd Worthington - Roger Fry/Omega¬†Workshops tureen and cover, England, ca. 1916
  • Selected by Katy Jennings - Figure, India, 20th century
  • Selected by Hanne Enemark - Glass cup, Venice, Italy, ca. 1730-1745
  • Selected by Martha Todd - Uncle Tom with Eva, unknown, Staffordshire, 20th century
  • Selected by Amy Hughes - Cup, Masamichi Yoshikawa, Japan, 1994
  • Selected by both Marina Stanimirovic and Zachary Eastwood Bloom Forms in Succession - Sculpture, Shigekazu Nagae, Seto Japan, 2008

Shelfie - Manifold selects from the V&A collection

Manifold selects works from the the V&A Ceramics and Glass collections, on view in the galleries from the 20th March – 13th April.

Matthew Raw has been V&A Ceramic Artists in Residence for the last 6 months, and this April, hands the baton to Amy Hughes. To celebrate a whole year of Manifold at the V&A everyone in the studio has selected works from the Ceramics and Glass collections. More about the reasons behind our choices on Manifold's website.

I chose two objects, the first, Sea Sculpture, too fragile to move from it's current location but can be found in the World Ceramics Galleries, room 145, case 44, shelf 3. The second is this colossal fish sculpture. Alongside the choices i have included more fishes on dishes - an image of some fish 'drawings' i made from raw clay, and a postcard from the studio wall, a painting by William Scott. 

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