• Liquid nitrogen poached meringues
  • Whisk as transformative technology
  • Gary Woodley discussing volume, made with the minimum possible material: soap
  • Alaena Turner presents foam in food
  • in the foam with an endoscope
  • Foam snake sculpture

Transformative Technology through Food: Foam

Artists Gary Woodley, Alaena Turna and I hosted an event part of the UCL Art Museum's Transformative Technologies Festival, at Horse Hospital, Bloomsbury.

We expolored Foams in all their sensory glory, from foamy foods to foam structures in our bodies, from bubbles and surface tension in art, chemistry, engineering and washing up, to swiss cheese, bones, Wotsits, meringues and champagne. We discussed foaming agents as a transformative technologies, as well as the technologies of the kitchen from the whisk to the thermomix.

People played with mobile phone microscopes, liquid nitrogen and aquafaba, making meringues, bubble sculpture and foamy videos.

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