• Photograph of stairs at 2 Willow Road © Ellie Doney 2012
    2 Willow Road – The home of Ernő and Ursula Goldfinger. Photo: © Ellie Doney 2012

This is How to Live - Willow Road

Manifold have been invited to create site-specific artworks and stage a National Trust London Late event at 2 Willow Road - the former home of architect and designer Ernö Goldfinger. 2 Willow Road is the Modernist home in Hampstead designed by Goldfinger in 1939 for himself and his family. With surprising design details that were ground-breaking at the time and still feel fresh today, the house also contains the Goldfingers' impressive collection of modern art, intriguing personal possessions and innovative furniture.

19 Sept – 14 Oct 2012
Late event Thursday 27 Sept

Individual responses to the space explore the material and contextual situation of 2 Willow Road, through new design, sculpture, image and audio interventions. The National Trust London Late event includes specially created cocktails, live music specially composed for the space, conservation-themed 'white' food, curated video screenings and other activity in homage to the Goldfingers’ somewhat notorious soirees.

See pictures from the Late event here.

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