Petrie Museum

For the first half of 2014, Studio Manifold worked with the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology. We began with a series of off-site workshops with local residents dealing with pots and seriation. The work culminated in an an exhibition at UCL during the Petrie's Festival of Pots during the weekend of 7 June 2014. The next stage was new work made in response to Petrie, his collection and the museum, exhibited amongst the collection and around UCL, entitled Pots and Possibilities

Part of my response to Petrie's pot collection was the hand-building of several fermenting jars and cauldrons. I bought some sourdough bread starter bacteria and began to make bread. Katy Jennings who also works at Manifold had made some ancient Egyptian-style terracotta bread moulds, and i used them during the festival to bake sourdough bread, enough for all the visitors. Manifold residents Sun-Ae Kim and Bethan Lloyd Worthington contributed home-made Kimchi and ancient Egyptian style spicy ginger beer for the jars.

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