Elemental(ism) – silver cloud gallery

Ellie Doney | Stephen Cornford | Joe Duggan | Sophie Windsor Clive & Liberty Smith | Andrew Dodds

8 June – 30 June 2011

Private View: Wed 8 June 6-9pm

Film screening: Wed 15 June 7pm: Aguirre, Wrath of God, Werner Herzog, 1972

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Six artists inhabit a new peripatetic art event venue in London’s square mile, the Silver Cloud Gallery. Elemental(ism) brings together sculpture, photography, film and sound works, dealing with big ideas, big themes; nature, forces, mystical magic. Things which are inexplicable, immeasurable, things unknowable, yet felt by us all. The work channels and records the world about us.

The artists reveal glimmers of unfathomable layers of reality; the terrible formless machinery that is the undercurrent of the temporal world, through acts of intervention, captured phenomenal observations, found artefacts, and working with elemental forces to transform materials.

The silver cloud gallery is set on the second floor of a vacated bank in London’s square mile. This is a coming together of ideas that functions very differently to a gallery space. The fall of the economy is the wind in our sails.

The work sits among the city’s sense of purpose, its attempts to control, measure and value; a system where everything is accountable, measured.

Presenting a different exhibition each month, the silver cloud gallery is independent, and not for profit. The work this month reflects the space, temporal, and temporary, reflected again in the exhibition programme as a whole.

Silver Cloud Gallery

46 New Broad St, London EC2M 1JH

open Mon – Sat 1 – 6pm or by appointment: 07743 566 836