Food Futures? Research workshop

Sat 17 March 2018, 10:00 – 17:00 – Calthorpe Community Garden, 258-274 Grays Inn Road, London WC1X 8LH

Using sausage anatomy as a delicious metaphor, we explore questions about how we eat, what we eat, our bodies, identity and our relationship with our environment. Please bring along an edible ingredient to introduce yourself and add to the sausage pantry.

A one-day hands-on workshop with artist-researchers from the Slade School of Art, UCL on the theme of food production, sustainability and closing the energy loop. You will have the opportunity to join an experiment to test a hydroponic plant machine, originally devised by NASA and make your own ‘closed loop’ veggie sausages.

Artist Nick Laessing will introduce his Plant Orbiter, a hydroponic machine which tests whether anti-gravity conditions can increase plant growth. His project looks at the future of urban food production, technology and self-sufficiency. You will be invited to plant your choice of edible food plants and herbs for later harvest. Participants can volunteer to become hydroponic gardeners/experimenters during the plants’ growth cycle. Artist Ellie Doney will lead the afternoon’s sausage making workshop, inviting you to choose edible materials grown at the Calthorpe Project to devise, cook and eat ‘closed-loop’ veggie sausages.