Secreted Space

The site-specific glass and polyurethane foam works Secreted Space, and Efflux, were made for the caverernous post-industrial ex-dairy Testbed 1, architect Will Alsop’s project space in Battersea.

The exhibition Calling Upon Spirits was shown in parallel to the RCA Painting & Sculpture graduate SHOW TWO, 2010.

Secreted Space - Testbed 1
Secreted Space - Testbed 1

In the glass, the changing present is reflected, and distorted – captured between liquid, solid, and air. The space in Testbed is condensed into a congealed version of itself, lubricious, gooey, ductile, glacially slow, like collapsed light. It is sparkling and pure, other-worldly among the dirt, a bit like the shit of some marvelous being, or seepage from stars.

The substances form bulbous, cartoon-like, obscene, and sensuous shapes that swell and bubble with a surface tension and a liquidity that the body responds to.