Turning Circles

Site-responsive work made for Unfold at Siobhan Davies Studios – Part of Studio Manifold’s Starting Point residency with craft collective 60I40. 2013

Turning Circles 2013

Yellow Road marking thermoplastic, glass ballotini.

Sited on the Forecourt of Siobhan Davies Studios.

I have drawn two circles onto the forecourt using melted road-marking thermoplastic and tiny glass beads that reflect light. The challenge laid down to us by 60I40 – to examine our own practice — got me thinking about personal direction, and decision making. Road marking thermoplastic material is used for one reason only – to tell us where to go, what to do, or to give us boundaries as we travel.

The turning circles are made to the scale of the extended human body, inviting people who use the building day-to-day to interact with them. I like the thought that the people who use the building will interact with the circles. The marks might suggest magic, confinement, isolation, security or the spotlight.


The complete circle marks a place that you can inhabit, to think about where you are, where you’re going, to think about direction – part of the challenge that was introduced to Manifold by 60I40.


The broken circle is a triad – three entrances or exits. When you enter the circle, you face a choice. In making these marks, I explore everyday challenges – decision-making, awareness of multiple possibilities and the need to figure out which paths to take.